Graduate Placement Program

Students in the Academy learn a wide range of music skills. From learning how to perform manually with commans, to using plugins ie Songbook and Lyrical, to the fine art of transcribing new and unique songs, graduates have proven time and time again that they make beneficial new members to any group around.

Are you looking for new members of your music group or band that have acquired a "Degree" of learning from Forte's Academy of Music? Send an email to with a desciption of what kind of student you are seeking, and who would be your contact name and preferred method of contact, to get your name added to our list.


Lonely Mountain Band - Kinship - Byrcha
Green Hill Music Society  - Carndan
Maidens of Valinor  - Everlin
Bright Star - Orladan
Les Beaux Chapeaux - Fincin
The Ninny Hammers - Lilikate

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